Transfluid and Bellmarine together

A new company has evolved from two European companies

 who share the same vision of sustainable electric and hybrid propulsion systems for the marine industry. Earlier this year, Transfluid S.p.A. acquired 100% of IDTechnology B.V. shares in order to develop a new line of electric and hybrid propulsion products. ID Technology may be better known under their brand name of "Bellmarine".

Bellmarine, is a Dutch brand that for several years has been a leader in electric propulsion products both in the Netherlands and the European market. Bellmarine will continue to maintain its distinctive brand under the leadership of its founder, Marien Schooner, and will continue to develop new Bellmarine products seeking to expand its market share.

As the demand for these alternative propulsion systems grows, Transfluid plans to concentrate their efforts, in conjunction with Bellmarine, to supply propulsion systems that are simple, reliable and oriented to customer's needs. We look to provide solutions today and moving forward that were only imagined just a few years ago. 

We intend to develop propulsion solutions, that are ahead of the growing demand and structure our production to be ready for the changes in the future marine industry. The union of our companies allows us to develop new products that will meet not only the needs of those who have the smaller power requirements that Bellmarine's pure electrical propulsion systems provide but will meet the needs of higher power applications where Transfluid's hybrid dual drive systems will be the solution. 
Transfluid's dual drive hybrid systems have been in the market for some time and are a well-tested line of products, and we intend to offer both the pure electric & hybrid propulsion systems not only for marine boat/ship applications but also for vehicle applications as well.

A significant point to remember is that Bellmarine's pure electrical propulsion systems are well-suited to inland marine applications that have lower power & range demands. Some of the advantages are: low environmental
impact, very low noise production, low vibration & economical operation. In low environmental impact & urban settings where these advantages are important, we be lieve our pure electrical propulsion .