Conventional lead-acid batteries are still a sensible choice in most displacement style electric boats.Whilst they are heavy & bulky, many displacement craft have plenty of space under floorboards and under seats to store batteries. We prefer lead-acid batteries of the AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) type. They are maintenance free, do not gas when charging and can be installed lying on their side, giving you more flexibility on the installation lay-out. Also keep in mind that many displacement boats, such as sailboats need ballast below the waterline. Often existing ballast can be removed and replaced by batteries, so they serve an extra purpose, instead of being just ‘dead’ weight.

The main benefit of lead-acid battery is their price which is relatively cheap. The drawbacks are that they are bigger, heavier and can’t be charged or discharged as deeply and quickly as Lithium batteries.

For displacement style boats that require a running time of a few hours, traveling at 4 to 7 knots and when budget is limited we usually recommend lead-acid batteries

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