Bellmarine drive systems are made in Holland. Emphasis is on high-thrust inboard systems for displacement vessels as well as saildrives and outboards for commercial use. With over 4.500 successful installations on the water worldwide it’s the undisputed world leader of inboard electric propulsion systems.


All motors are Permanent Magnet AC, high effficiency, with IP65 rating.
Intermittent kW: S3 10% – 10′ (1 minute at intermittent power, then reduced for 9 minutes power to return to stable temperature.
Battery bank: 48V, 96V and 144V can be of any chemistry and brand; 288V and 384V needs to be Transfluid battery bank.


  • Cruising speed: 70% of rated motor rpm
  • Light duty: air cooled motor, up to 200 hrs/year, intermittent kW allowed
  • Medium duty: air cooled motor, up to 500 hrs/year, only nominal kW allowed
  • Medium duty: liquid cooled motor, up to 1000 hrs/year, intermittent kW allowed
  • Heavy duty: liquid cooled motor, up to 3000 hrs/year, intermittent kW allowed, max 80% of time at rated rpm

Bellmarine motors have an integrated thrust bearing, but separate thrust bearing is recommended above 20kW.

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