Bellmarine accessories include a range of displays and throttles.Each Bellmarine system requires a wiring harness and display that keeps you informed on crucial motor data such as RPM, remaining running time and battery charge status. In lieu of the standard supplied black and white display there is a choice of a more sophisticated full-colour display or even integrated connectivity with your iPad or smartphone. A wide range of throttles and displays are available for the Belmarine range. Please contact us for more information


For every DriveMaster and SailMaster system a display and cable set is needed for monitoring and control of the controller. The display options range from a simple E2 LCD display to our Multi functional display’s.

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Transfluid Control Lever

Transition from Electric to Diesel and from Diesel to Electric is made automatically at any boat speed and all commands related to the Hybrid and the Diesel are well integrated in the Transfluid’s control lever

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