Electric Mototopo for Venice

In Venice launched Cargo31,an electric boat that independently covers a day's work: 8 hours. Ideal for the large transport fleet for Venice.

The dimensions of the boat are 9 × 2.20 meters and are measures that allow you to cross all the canals and almost all the canals of the city. The boat was designed for Venice. The hull is in fiberglass, while the engine is 35 kW. The batteries are divided into two packs "with a capacity of 30 kWh, voltage 153.6" - tells us Walter - The electric propulsion system is Transfluid, on board there is a diesel generator for emergencies only.

In the case of Venice, in addition to atmospheric pollution, the one created by the wave motion that damages historic buildings and monuments is fundamental. The hull has been designed and designed to avoid the dragging wave and, therefore, decrease the wave motion. Another valuable environmental and social benefit concerns the reduction of noise pollution . In the lagoon city it is a big problem. The noise of the continuous traffic of the boats enters the houses of the residents . Thanks to this boat, promoted by Piero Tosi and designed by Walter Rosada, in Venice it is possible to foresee an eco-sustainable navigation.