ILIOFOS Co announcement of cooperation with ELTRAK - CATERPILLAR

ILIOFOS OE is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with the Greek company ELTRAK, one of the leading companies in the field of shipping and construction, with Caterpillar products that it represents and guarantees to play a leading role in the maritime transport sector, Yachting and tourism. The cooperation of two companies strengthens the position of ILIOFOS OE, which acquires a "strong" partner in the specific field of marine engines and leads ELTRAK in the field of Hybrid boat propulsion and Electricity, utilizing our innovative products.

ILIOFOS OE, a company synonymous with Electric Propulsion and Hybrid vessel propulsion, which enjoys international trust and recognition and represents important industries, such as Transfluid SpA and Bellmarine powered by Transfluid, following the requirements of today, will invest in quality, promoting Caterpillar boat engines in interior projects, thus enhancing the quality of the final product, offering modern solutions.

The President of the company, Mr. Andreas Apostolopoulos, stated:

"ILIOFOS OE is once again a pioneer, announcing an important cooperation in difficult times, joining and leading very important partners in the avant-garde in the field of shipping, inside and outside the Greek borders."