Transfluid SpA, the industrial logic in electric boating

There are many good craftsmen and small business yards in Italy

that make interesting transformations with electric motors. But there is also Transfluid SpA, 60 years on the side of transmission stations, of which the last 5 have thought and then created a line dedicated to electric motors. We are talking about a company that has a turnover of 20 million euros, employs 120 people and has 5 branches in the world: China, Russia, the United States, Germany, France and Greece.

Transfluid does not produce engines for individuals. It proposes solutions for installation that require the intervention of professionals on a construction site or a workshop. Industrial systems, even beyond the naval field, such as the 4 speed variables managed by 4 Mega each in a Russian power plant or 130 ferries in Sweden using hydraulic connections built in Gallarate.

Responsible Gianluigi Taroni answers


Significant company numbers and data that presents the manager Gianluigi Taroni at VaiElettrico   of the technical and commercial development of the Transfluid system. "We have a very wide sample of products, I can bring countless examples: we have been supplying gearboxes for mining trucks, we are also working on a number of companies, in solutions for the agricultural sector. We create industrial-grade systems that have wide adaptability, significant strength and a very large field of use ".

At Gallarate they focus on navigation, but their work at airports can not be mentioned: "It will happen soon enough to move all the means with electricity, here the transformations are much quicker. We participated in the construction of completely electric stairs by an English manufacturer installed at Helsinki Airport ". But let's go back to the nautical world, quoting Taroni with an industrial prize: "The PLA (Port London Authority) in a call for tender now officially declares that the system to be used for the construction of the pilot ships will be Transfluid."

The electric motor extends the life of the engine

Over the last few days, Taroni has participated in the Assonautica conference in Venice, a city that, thanks to its configuration, can become a world-class laboratory where it presented the Transfluid system to operators from different countries of the world, but also to the carabinieri for patrol boats and mainly provided important information on the consumption of electric boats.


"We were working on a Mototopo with a hydraulic crane controlled by an electric motor. He travels daily from Mestre to Venice with diesel, then in the city it moves fully electric, makes several stops to unload the products and never turns to diesel. He works for six hours of full power and then returns to Mestre and starts charging his batteries. This method of use saves 50% of diesel costs. Initially it took 8 hours with a diesel engine, now 2. The convenience comes also from the duration: a diesel engine - used professionally - has an average life of 5-6000 hours, every 5 years almost changed, with the hybrid

A reflection that leads to a more complete reflection on the cost and price of electric motors that "affect less than 10%, but have the advantages previously mentioned". And in the case of Venice, the benefits of "not listening to noises in the canals, boats without emissions of gaseous pollutants and all electrical advantages as well as a substantial control of speed". A dream

Engines for Bavaria Yachts

Transfluid began 5 years ago, with chairman and chief executive Ugo Pavesi, to focus on shipping. "The basic idea was to verify the existence of new areas for future growth. Do not build something new, but find a new solution based on the experience gained. Starting from the existing one. But what can the market get? This is the question. We started with a unit, but we needed a unification that is not easy to find on the market and incorporated the system into a line of electric motors with permanent magnets that are best suited for propulsion. We signed an agreement with an Italian battery manufacturer and created a kit ready for installation".


Success is also seen in collaborations and synergies. Starting with one of the most popular brands: BAVARIA YACHTS. "Every proposed model also has the hybrid option we produce by providing the engine that fit into the production line. Our units can be installed in all brands, ranging from 8 to 200 kw ". Demand is primarily for hybrid engines to be able to sail over long distances, but the full electric is not missing: "Like the six electric boats now being delivered to Prague."

An electrical future also thanks to standards

The electrical future that Transfluid sees? What are the conditions for the development of electric boating? There are three aspects: the emotional one of those who have an ecological soul; the protected marine areas and those protected by the limitation of traffic in traditional engines and that of protecting the port areas where it is forbidden to use diesel in maneuver. It is currently starting in California, the North Sea and the English Channel. " The Mobility Revolution needs new navigation code.