A few words about us

What is our ambition

ILIOFOS Co. is a Greek company specialized in the retrofitting of boats & ships but also to conversion of vehicles, with internal combustion engines at Electric & Hybrid, at sales of parts but also in after sale services. ILIOFOS Co. was founded in 2007 having already an enormous experience at specific projects, which starts from bigger electronics, electricals’ as also and mechanical's projects that had been constructed at Greece. Our experience from one side, rank us among the leaders in specific technological divisions and on the other side gave us the possibility to assist our customers in any project, helping them to make their enterprise a star and valorized her in the worldwide community, achieving also their environmental commitments.

  • Our ambition is to bring growth in our homeland and develop the electrification of transport, using cutting edge technologies and collaborating with leaders of the sector, promoting the green energy and sustainable transport.

Our first mission, is to provide to our customers, superior technologically products, such as electric motors, batteries, power regulators, specialized software, converters, inverters and chargers, in order to provide them with the technological asset they need to establish themselves and to play a leading role in the global market, but also to contribute to the effort to ensure a cleaner environment to future generations. We improve the capacity, efficiency and energy completeness of our products in order to give to our customers the possibility of cheaper energy and better quality of life.

Our country, a country with big advantages in natural wealth and energy, should be leader. With this as a rule, and in collaboration with bigger, more reliable and pioneered companies abroad, we will try, to offer to our customers no matter their status  (private, professional, public enterprises etc.), the supplies they need, in order to take advantage of all the benefits of clean natural energy in the sector of transports relieving them of the use of fossil fuels, resulting in an improvement in their everyday life, their economic and energy self-sufficiency and the protection of the environment.