ILIOFOS Co, is a family-owned company, which constitutes from two associates, two brothers that haphazardly their study were directed round the phenomenon of Electricity.

They have studied Electrical Engineering and their objective is to lead the movement which will drive the Greek society, to rehab from use of fossil fuels in transport sector. As a by-effect they are also targeting to boost the Greek industry (production, retrofitting, services etc.) and help people in these difficult times that our country is going through to raise their living standards by promoting funds they spend for their daily transport to other everyday needs.

Andreas Apostolopoulos and Christos Apostolopoulos, initially each with his own independent career path, his own knowledge and experience and through their special professional career joined forces and invite you to work with them to enjoy her experience redeploying fossil fuels, investing in superior technology, or transforming your existing mean of transport into electric or hybrid!

Andreas Apostolopoulos

Position: CEO
Location: Athens, GR

Electrician Engineer from the ATEI Chalcis, been born in Aegio and grew in Kiato Korinthia and encontinuity in Aegio Achaia, from where he graduate from the 2nd General Lyceum at Aigion.

Chris Apostolopoulos

Position: Vice president
Location: Athens, GR

Born and raised in Aegio, Achaia, he is an Electrician Engineer graduate of the ATEI Patras.