The hybrid system enables you to sail at normal cruising speed with a traditional Diesel engine as well as allowing you to sail in protected areas with zero emissions and in ports or marinas where silence and reduced pollution are well appreciated. During inshore navigation the silent propulsion enhances enjoyment of the landscape and, when anchored, there is no need to keep the engine running to use on-board facilities, thus avoiding disturbing the calm of the surroundings.

Hybrid navigation allows you to different uses: in the Electric mode you can sail at low speeds without emissions, while navigating on Diesel engine mode you can fully exploit the power of the combustion  engine. And you can decide whether or not to insert the battery recharge mode by simply pushing a button on the control panel.  The Booster option adds electric motor power output to the combustion engine power output and not only when on full power but also in intermediate power output where it is possible to get the best out of the rotation speed of the Diesel engine while using the electric motor only for small accelerations or changes in speed.

The HTM700 offers the SAE4 bell coupling inlets and outlets; the maximum input torque (Tkn) is 560 Nm (414 lb-ft), the maximum input power is 145 kW (187 hp)  with a maximum speed of 3000 rpm and overall weight of 221 kg (487 lb).

The  HTM700 can be installed on new boats or retro-fitted to on-the-water boats; in this way you can have a modern and eco-friendly boat without having to replace it. Furthermore, this type of solution fits well whenever comfort is important but high speeds are not needed, such as non- displacement or semi-planing pleasure boats, passenger and freight boats, tourist river boats, charter boats, fishing boats and rescue boats. This solution will become more and more necessary to be able to navigate in  protected waters or to navigate while ensuring the protection of the environment.

The system is so compact it can be used on multiple applications and fitted in different ways. It is so flexible that it makes the boat unique in its kind, ensures a considerably reduced fuel consumption of no less than 15% while navigating on combustion engine power without causing acoustic and atmospheric pollution.

 The management system MPCB is a device developed by TRANSFLUID, both in the hardware and software, able to manage the different functionalities (modes) of the hybrid system: Diesel, Electric, Booster and Generation, as well as integrating the information of other components and supervising the overall diagnostic system.