Andreas Apostolopoulos

Position: CEO
Location: Athens, GR

Electrician Engineer from the ATEI Chalcis, been born in Aegio and grew in Kiato Korinthia and encontinuity in Aegio Achaia, from where he graduate from the 2nd General Lyceum at Aigion.

In 1998 graduates from the Military Faculty of Telecommunications (S.E.T.TIL.). and in 1998 begins his career worker for company ALSTOM- A.E.G. and is occupied in the sector of manufacture of specialised instruments for networks of companies of mobile telephony like Cosmote, Telestet-WIND, Vodafone but also in the manufacture of substations for D.E.I but also for Greek Armed Forces.It continues his specialisation in evolved electronic systems in group INTRAKOM and it is specialised in the planning and the manufacture of Defensive Directed Missile System PATRIOT that was produced for Greek Armed Forces.
In 2004 was educated in Germany, in the company Carl Zeiss Optronics Gmbh for project Leopard 2 Hel and in 2006 is imported in Faculty S.T.EF of  POLYTECHNIC COLLEGES at Lamia in the department of Aerospace Engineers, with direction: ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS OF AEROPLANES.
In 2007 create his own technical company ILIOFOS Co with work that is focused around the manufacture, study and supervision of Electric – Hybrid cars and Public Transportation, at Electromechanical Public Works, Industrial buildings and Private-owned work with photovoltaic applications.
In 2009 are selected by the program Smilies of European Union for the genesis of idea of Public Transformation Vehicles with engine of internal combustion in electrically driven or hybrid.
In 2011 begin the collaboration with leading companies of world self-propulsion, as NetGain Motors, Logena Automotive but also the UQM Technologies.
In 2010 is a member of G.A. of Handball Team at Aegio, “PEGASUS” and in 2014 are elected vice-president of G.A. of Handball Team of “SERIFATO”.
His big love for the sea but also for Greece, is the one that in the maze of season of memorandum, pushes it seeks solutions in order to helps his homeland and en takes place, in 2016 creates the Organisation of Electric Boats of Greece – EBA Greece and is elected as Chairman.