EPS: Electric Propulsion System

Thanks to the reduction ratios of the RANGERMATIC, you can use the optimal ratio according to the operating conditions, using in a complete way the characteristics of the electric motor.

The two speed reverse gear is also available on RANGERMATIC, protecting  the components from transient current peaks.
The addition of the DROP BOX DP280 mounted on the output of the EPS system provides additional gear ratios and to optimize the electric motor performances. It also allows to create an electric vehicle with four-wheel drive, making absolutely identical modes of use and driving of the EPS system to those ones with combustion engine.

The presence of batteries, indispensable for the supply of the electric machine, allows to recover the kinetic energy during deceleration and braking (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) storing energy that would otherwise be lost, increasing the autonomy of the vehicle.

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The Tier G engine can be purchased as a standalone component, or even better can be purchased with the complete set of accessories (management unit with display, battery, inverter, electric box, pedal, CANbus cables, etc.) making it a plug&play solution to redesign an existing vehicle conceive a new one. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details and a suggestion for your new propulsion system.
In addition to purely electric propulsion, the Tier G integrates the range of Transfluid electric motors used for hybrid solutions, giving the possibility of reaching up to 200kW of electrical power with the installation of two engines on the hybrid modules of the HM series.

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– high efficiency = energy saving
– longer battery operation time = more km range
– lower costs
– no vibration + very low noise + zero emissions = environment friendly and pleasant to use
– compact size and high power / weight ratio
– very flexible torque profile: different vehicles may require a different torque curve


Continuous power 100kW (134hp) and peak 130kW (174hp)
Permanent magnet technology: 97% efficiency
Power supply: 384 Vdc battery or 400 Vac network
SAE 4-10 output (SAE J617-620) with SAE B power take-off
Liquid cooling (glycol or water) – Temperature and pressure indicators


Industrial road, off-road vehicles, GSE, etc